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La Patrona…Equestrian Lessons add to Polo matches and fine dining!


When we think about La Patrona, the first two things that come to our mind are Polo and fine dining, but you’ll be amazed to discover all that they have to offer, from stable boardings to creative lessons at their equestrian center, including carriage rides and equinoterapy sessions. La Patrona offers an array of activities for all ages and levels of expertise.

This week, the LivePuntaMita team decided to take the short trip to San Pancho, visit their equestrian center and take the challenge of trying some of their available lessons.

Mauricio, our Creative Director decided to go for a Riding Lesson…in his own words:

IMG_1380“For me the experience was truly exiting and a very happy one. I arrived and walked around magnificent and beautiful horses who were getting ready for the Polo Match in the Caballerizas at the Polo Club. Pablo, the instructor, took me on a ride through the streets of San Pancho on an ATV, we went through a back road that I didnt know existed, and we arrived to this beautiful land surrounded by mountains, lush jungle vegetation and a creek that we crossed over on the ATV to finally arrive at our destination: Los Mangos Rancho.”

“I got geared up for my lesson and I met a gorgeous black Freisian Horse named Hermione, she’s big, very pretty and was actually very smooth. I hopped on her back while Pablo gave me instructions and exercises that I was going to be repeating through my first lesson. After some heavy panting from the exercises, Hermione was given the instruction to start trotting so I could practice the movements with her. We got in sync after a couple of laps and off I was riding with a huge smile on my face – I wish I could have stayed longer, but some muscles in my legs were starting to sore. I was still sore for a couple of days after the lesson, but the smile lasted for weeks — I can’t wait to go back and ride again!”

Lynne’s Experience: Riding Lesson 101

Hermione“I was the challenge of our group: although I grew up around horses in my younger years (my grandfather had horse ranches in Barrington IL, and Ocala FL), I had a very negative experience while riding up a mountainside in St. Lucia, when my horse reared back — and I thought I’d never again get back on a horse. Time heals all – or at least makes the memories and fears fade — and anyone who knows me knows I’m not one to shy away from an adventure. So, here I was. In that same lovely, lush countryside which Mauricio describes above. The setting alone puts you at peace, and the La Patrona facilities are clearly of ultimate quality. Like Mauricio, Pablo was my instructor, and the magestic — and gentle — Hermione was my companion in this adventure.”

“Pablo took it slow with me. I’d love to share a tale of my galloping through the fields, but my lesson was limited to walking, then trotting, in a circle, with Pablo holding a lead. Kinda like a three-year-old. But what I especially enjoyed was that I was learning to ride English — a narrower saddle and a riding style which requires a great deal more physical exertion as you are essentially standing up and down in rhythm with your horse as you ride. It’s all calfs, thighs and core, and it is a spectacular workout. My horse-hesitation gave me a slow start, but when another female rider entered the corral, I could see clearly what I should be doing, and then.. I did. I was posting! Up-down, up-down, up-down — in perfect sync with the regal Hermione. Pablo even had me ride hands-free for a while, to better learn my balance on the horse. And then it was over. Lucky for me, as any longer and I’d likely be unable to walk the short walk back to my car.”

“I have nothing but praise for Pablo’s patience and his careful attention to how I was progressing, offering instruction, encouragement, guidance and not allowing me to take an easy way out. He required progress, and so I did. He noted on my last several laps around that I was, in fact, smiling! The lesson finished with stretching out on the back of Hermione, that’s how comfortable I was. Pablo even called me the following day to check in on me — how did I feel, where was I sore, to know what to work on during the next lesson. To conclude…I am back in the saddle again! And, eagerly looking forward to my next ride at La Patrona.”

My own experience – Vaulting (Tere):

IMG_4951Since I have never riden a horse before, it was suggested that I try the Vaulting lesson, which is combination of dance and light acrobatics on a horse…in motion!!! Upon arrival to La Patrona Equestrian Center, I met Ceci Rule, my instructor, practicing some of the exercises. She’s an expert, and moves on the horse as if she was moving on the actual floor, and yes, to be honest, I was ready to turn around and go back, but I didn’t! Probably because she didn’t give me time. Instead, she introduced me to my horse, Espuma, who was so calm and patient during the whole session. Instructors definitely know how to select the horses for each activity.

I have to say I thought it was going to be harder, and I was definitely expecting a couple of falls during the session. Instead, Ceci showed me some tricks (easy ones), and you have no idea of how excited I was every time I accomplished a simple exercise. Yes, it sounds difficult, but let me tell you that it was exciting, fun and definitely physically demanding, but is worth the effort. Would I do it again? Of course! I can’t wait to visit Ceci and Espuma again — it is addictive!

This was definitely a wonderful experience, and now we can recommend, based on our own experiences, the different lessons and services available at La Patrona. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced horseman or you want to try riding for the first time, we are 1000% sure you’ll be fully satisfied after visitng La Patrona.

Happy riding!

For more information about La Patrona lessons and services visit , send an email to:, or dial:  +(52) 311 258-4378 / C : +(52) 322 278-9971

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