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LivePuntaMita Fit – New Year, More Fun!


Welcome to LivePuntaMita Fit. Our goal is to showcase the abundance of fitness, health and wellness opportunities that are happening every day in your own back yard.  Being that Punta Mita is one of nature’s most perfect playgrounds, it is your duty to get out there and enjoy it.  With a little help from your friends here at and MexiFit, we look forward to helping you have the best Punta Mita life possible.

by Josh Labovitz PFT, GFT

Here we are again.  On top of being bloated from too much “season cheer”, now we’re being bombarded with how to exercise it away.  You’ve heard it over and over again, year after year, usually presented in a nice new package… but it’s always the same:  “How To Get Your Body Back After the Holidays”, or “Top Fitness Tips To Lose That Holiday Weight Gain”, and blah, blah, blah…

We’re in Punta Mita folks.  Look around.  We roll differently here, because we know better.  Keeping up our lifestyle of health, fitness and wellness, in order to “suck the marrow” from our playtime, is a given.  We already know that some form of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility development play an important part in our daily lifestyle.  We already use food for fuel, as much as for enjoyment.  And the last thing we need is a lecture about moderation, duh!  …We may be in Mexico, but we didn’t leave our priorities at the border.

Which makes this New Year’s Health & Fitness Challenge a pleasure to issue!


Each week this month pick one of the following, and do it, at least once:

  1.  Hike Monkey Mountain: for the nature lover, this trail is a must tread, and fantastic exercise.  You’ve heard about it.  You can see it.  Now go hike it!  Accessible to almost all fitness levels (as long as you’re injury free), complete this hike and the view will change your life perspective.  Do it with your own sense of direction, or hire a guide. can help, if you need it.
  2. Stand Up Paddle:  pick a calm, flat morning, or choose to surf a nice Northwest swell.  If you haven’t experienced the joy of standing on moving liquid energy, then the time has come.  Available to all fitness levels, guided, or not.  And, If you do want some help getting started, we recommend the rentals and instructors at The Residents’ Beach Club.
  3. Take a Bike Ride: choose the new pedestrian path, or head out and explore the pueblo of Higuera Blanca.  Before returning, make sure to stop at the KM5 Surf Bar for something cold and refreshing.  For the adventurous, create your own path, or simply go where the road takes you.  Regardless of where you go, the joy of bicycle riding is just as real today as it was when you had training wheels.  For rentals and guides try, or your neighbor!
  4.  Snorkel:  see all that reef out there under the water?  It’s full of some of nature’s most amazing creations.  Want to experience a stunning new world, and get some exercise at the same time?  Grab some fins, mask, and a snorkel, find a nice calm bay before the afternoon breezes come in, and discover the magic under the sea.
  5.  Walk:  a simple 30 minute walk, maintaining proper posture, as you explore the paradise all around you, can be one of the best exercise sessions of your life.  Walk fast enough to elevate the heart rate, stay in control of your movement, walk tall (proper posture), and have fun.  Go it alone, or grab a group.  Follow a trail, or make your own.  On sand, dirt, or pavement, this exercise can be done anywhere you want.  Enjoy.

Feel free to do the same thing over and over again each week, or try something new every time.  The point is to do something that brings you happiness, makes you move, and takes advantage of the wonders around you.

Happy 2015 Punta Mita!

Earning Our Margaritas Every Day,

Josh and Shelly Labovitz

Josh is the co-founder of MexiFit, offering Professional Personal Fitness Training and Wellness Conditioning services to all of Punta Mita, as well as Open Group Power Ropes classes 3x’s a week at The Resident’s Beach Club.  For more details visit, or email, and “Earn Your Margaritas!”

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