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Organic Select’s Healthy living tips: Coconut Oil!


Guest post by Krystal, of Organic Select

It happened that 10 or so years ago a young women sought us out at Body & Sol  where we were concocting oil formulas for massage and  body work. This lady introduced us to local raw organic coconut oil made on a hacienda near Manzanillo. She also made us aware of some simple but rather amazing facts about the oil .  We did use the oil for creams and in formulas until we lost track of the lady and her coconut oil production.

Recently we took up the coconut oil hunt again when I noticed my daughter was using coconut oil on her morning toast as a NEW SUPER FOOD in Eugene, Oregon.  We heard a rumor, found a link to a link, called a stranger and now we have a direct line to the producer again.

Up until now a small group of Lipid (fat) researchers were familiar with the benefits of a unique group of saturated fats found in coconut oil.  Most of those in the health care industry have been generally ignorant of these benefits, shunning coconut oil due to misconceptions regarding dietary fat.  Fortunately as consumers dig deeper via net working and internet, the nutritional and therapeutic benefits of the tropical oil is becoming more accepted.


All of the criticism that has been aimed at the tropical oil is based primarily on the fact that is a saturated fat and saturated fat is said to increase blood cholesterol. No legitimate research, however has demonstrated any proof that consumption raised blood cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil does not affect cholesterol because it is composed of a group of unique fat molecules known as a medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA).  These acids are different from those commonly found in other food sources and are burned almost immediately for energy production, and not converted into body fat or cholesterol. Thereby do not affect blood cholesterol levels.  Numerous studies have clearly demonstrated that coconut oil has a NEUTRAL effect on cholesterol levels.

Another interesting factor in relation to cardiovascular health is the bloods tendency to form clots.  Certain proteins in the blood called platelets cause clotting when they become sticky. Studies have shown that most fats..beef fat, lard, butter, vegetable oil, and even olive oil promote platelet stickiness.  So, it seems, the more you eat, the stickier the blood gets, and the greater risk of developing blood clots.  The omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in fish oil are an exception.  These have the exact opposite effect on blood platelets. And of course, the other group that does not promote blood stickiness are the MCFA of coconut oil.

So..HEY:.if  this stuff is so great..why doesn’t our DR. tell us to use it..


As you probably know, treatment for heart disease comes with a hefty price tag.  Coconut oil is cheap and has no bad side effects (only great skin, shiny hair and immune system name a few) and is mostly available to the seeker.  This is its drawback.  Because it is a natural product that does not require processing, and is available, the pharmaceutical and medical industries have no desire to fund or promote interest in this area. Since most of the information on MCFAs and coconut oil are buried in obscure scientific literature, few people are aware of the benefits…So there you have it again..a misguided popular opinion that is fueled by powerful profit-seeking enterprises.

The properties of coconut oil have not gone unnoticed by food scientists.  Coconut oil, or some derivative of it is used in hospitals to feed the very young, critically ill, and those who have digestive problems.  The MCFA found in  coconut oil are easily digested, absorbed and put to use nourishing the body  with little strain on the digestive system.

They say it’s the only fat that helps you lose weight as its lower in calories than other fats.


First, be sure you get the right oil, it is crystal clear when in liquid form, and white when melts when touched.  I leave some in my bathroom for skin and hair, and in my kitchen for cooking.

Kids love it too.

The recommend supplement is 3 ½ tablespoons a day.

  • You can take it right out of the spoon as it tastes creamy and mild.
  • Put it in a fruit smoothie — you can put all 3 ½ tables in and will not taste it.
  • Hot Cereal..this is one of my favorites..oatmeal with 2 tablespoons 0f coconut oil and real maple syrup.  For those chilly Vallarta mornings.
  • Toast..replace all butter with coconut oil.
  • You can replace butter in baking with coconut oil..and it does not affect the taste.

I have a bunch of recipes, so drop me a line and I will pass them on.


Coconut oil is a traditional miracle food that has been used for ions to support, relief, protect, improve, expel, anti-viruses, anti- bacterial, preventive, healing and is listed as one of the top 10 most beneficial foods known to man.

You can get it on line in the Punta de Mita area at:


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