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Organic Select’s Healthy Living Tips: Sprouts!


Guest post by Krystal, of Organic Select

Sprouts are super foods because of their remarkable nutritional properties. Ounce for ounce, they provide more nutrients than any other natural food known. Unlike foods that are processed or cooked, sprouts contain living cells and are, indeed, “living food”. The concentrated nutrients stored in the seed as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are transformed and dramatically increased with the process of sprouting. Studies have shown that nutrients can increase from 50 to 400%! Sprouts are very easy for our bodies to digest because they are almost “pre-digested” by the sprouting process, which deactivates enzyme inhibitors, changing carbohydrates into simple sugars and proteins into free amino acids and peptones. These pre-digested foods rich in activated enzymes enhance the body’s own internal enzyme activity. By converting the starches and proteins a higher quality protein source develops. Sprouts are a rich source of chlorophyll, amino acids, and proteins, all of which help regenerate cells and boost immunity. Their accessibility to you in a fresh and unprocessed state makes them a perfect food.

ARUGULA has long been popular in Italian cuisine. Though relatively new to the sprouting scene it has become popular for its spicy taste and nutritional value. Arugula sprouts have been shown to be a very rich source of iron as well as vitamin A and C.

BROCCOLI sprouts have been very visible in the news lately because researchers discovered that sulfuraphane, an antioxidant found in mature broccoli increased up to 100 times in the sprout. While other research on sprouts has never been publicized or marketed to such an extent as this, the findings clearly support that sprouts are a very concentrated source of nutrition. The Brassica family which broccoli is part of includes Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, spinach, mustard, rutabaga etc. all of which can be sprouted. The flavors of these are similar and have a spicy mustard taste.

LENTILS are rich in protein, iron, potassium phosphorus and minerals. They are also high in antioxidants, vitamin A, C, and E and folic acid. Sprouted their flavor is always excellent and they are extremely easy and fast to sprout.

SUNFLOWER sprouting process can multiply the nutritional value of the nutrients in sunflower seeds by 300 to 1,200 percent. In additional to the  nutritional benefits of sunflower seeds, spouted seed contain lots of iron, which can combat anemia, and lots of chlorophyll, which helps detoxify the liver and the blood.  Sprouted a sunflower seeds are an excellent source of phytosterols, which reduce cholesterol, enhance the immune response and decrease the risk of certain cancers.

PEA SHOOTS are a TASTY TENTER  super nutritious leaf with high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A. A 50g bag of these tasty greens offers more than half of the RDA for vitamin C, a quarter of the RDA for vitamin A and significant amounts of folic acid.

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