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Organic Select’s Healthy Living Tips: Yoga and Cancer


Guest post by Krystal, of Organic Select

Yoga is a powerful aid to healing, not least of which is because it can help to strengthen the immune system. For anyone with cancer, yoga is a genuine source of empowerment – because it is something that one can do for oneself.

There are many different styles and ways to practice yoga. For cancer recovery, gentle yoga, yoga therapy, restorative yoga, yoga for healing, and yoga for beginners may be practiced. In yoga, the body is addressed by practicing physical postures (also called asanas). These stimulate and balance all the systems of the body: musculoskeletal, nervous system, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, reproductive and urogenital. The whole person is affected when something is out of balance, thus a number of postures are practiced in a sequence to address the whole body.

Depending on what parts of the body are affected, what type of cancer one has (or had), and the one’s physical abilities, the practice can be patient specific. The physical exercises of yoga work in various ways on the internal organs and all the body systems, particularly the nervous system, as well as on the joints, muscles and ligaments. They affect breathing, posture, circulation, digestion and elimination, as well as physical strength, stamina and flexibility.  These practices also help one to cope with the traumas that come with a diagnosis of a life-changing illness, which, as anyone who has been challenged with cancer knows, brings with it emotions that can be overwhelming: shock, fear, anger, guilt, anxiety and grief to name a few. Having experienced them, the simplest breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques can help one deal with them. They can also be of considerable help in coping with the stresses of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Your optimal heath program includes…


Find out where you can buy organic produce.  Inquire in grocery stores, health food stores, friends.  You may contact  here in P.V,  who offer a  home delivery service of organic produce and products.  Make a commitment to buy organically produced fruits, veggys, free range hen eggs, hormone free meats..etc..  Try to avoid commercially produced  peaches, grapes, oranges, and strawberries, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, green beans, peanuts and wheat..and top of that list is apples..the saying ¨an apple a day keeps the doctor away¨,  no longer applies.

If you use an electric blanket, stop.  Pack it up and retire it, do not give it away or pass it on to your domestic help.  Remove electric clock radios from the vicinity of your bed.  Buy a radiation shield for the video display of your computer.  Buy a pair of UV-protective sunglasses if you do not have a pair already.


Make a conscious effort to eat an extra serving of fruits and vegetables with at least one meal this week. Start eating fish at least twice this week…that does not mean shrimp or shell fish.  Replace at least one serving of meat with a soy food of your choice (remember your new cook book?).. I say if you find soy or tofu a little to strange to get use to try making a main dish out of rice or soy noodles, beans,  lentils, mushrooms..and use plenty of fresh herbs and olive oil.


Add 400 to 800 IU of vitamin E and 200-300 milligrams of selenium.


Increase the daily walk to twenty minutes, five days of the week.  If you do other aerobic exercise, consider cutting it down to two or three days and substituting an aerobic the fresh air may I add, on the other days.´


Check out the bookstore or a friends library for something that appeals to you in the areas of religion, poetry, biography or any other category except novels.

Spend more time this week with friends that make you feel more alive, happier and more optimistic

Buy more flowers.


Questions or comments may be directed to

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