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Peace Punta de Mita & Fundación DINE Punta Mita launch “Connect Kids Project“


Since the beginning of this unfortunate pandemic, Fundación DINE Punta Mita and Peace Punta de Mita have been working tirelessly to support our local communities in such difficult times. And while their efforts conducted through the Humanitarian Relief Fund have been huge mitigating the immediate needs of the affected population by the COVID-19 economic crisis, now it is time to face other challenges too.

If it is true that life is returning to a new normal and luckily many of those families are back to work, the difficult situation continues, and while the food baskets delivery hasn’t stopped, now another big challenge has become the education. In México, as in many parts of the world, schools remain closed and while the government has put in place Educational TV programs and online resources, the reality is that in families with multiple kids and a single, or non-electronic devices, continuing with the education is a real challenge.

Peace and Fundación DINE Punta Mita became aware of this new problem and decided to include it in their Humanitarian Fund Relief (HRF) initiative, joining efforts with “La Comer“ Bucerías to provide the kids in the community with the necessary resources to continue their education. And this is how they have launched the new Connect Kids Project (CKP).

A recent Peace census indicates that only 133 households have the capability to connect children, 137 have shared capability with multiple siblings, 193 use their parents “back-pocket” smartphones, and 402 have none. This lack of appropriate technology makes almost impossible for the kids to follow the school programs, this is the reason why the HRA decided to initiate the “Connect Kids Project” which planned for the purchase and distribution of 533 tablets to Primary/Secondary students, and 130 laptops to High School students, making a total of 800 devices, as they continue to study the means to connect nearly 200 school-age toddlers.

In addition, “Connect Kids Project“ will install 3 wifi with free access to be available during school hours.

Peace and Fundación DINE Punta Mita would like to thank La Comer for coordinating the delivery at cost. Distribution of the Tablets & Laptops began today, Thursday 5th of November at Corral del Risco, a second delivery will take place at Higuera Blanca on November 12th, and the third and last delivery will be on November 19th at Emiliano Zapata, following the same dynamic used to the successful food baskets program from the same Humanitarian Relief Fund.

We are optimistic, and strongly believe that this whole situation shall pass soon, but we also need to be realistic and continue supporting those people in need. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be a big help for the local nonprofits to continue their so much needed programs in town. As an example, thanks to the kind contributions made by benefactors of the Humanitarian Relief Fund, this initiative has been able to deliver 20 thousand food baskets during the COVID-19 contingency, exceeding 10.5 million pesos in donations, and allowing the program to continue until February 2021!

If you would like to contribute, especially during this holiday season by donating gifts for the children, please contact

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