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PEACE – Volunteer opportunities in June


Who doesn’t need a little PEACE in their lives? At, we are super-fans of this local non-profit group which works joyfully and tirelessly to make our community a better place.

What is PEACE?  Protection, Education, Animals, Culture & Environment. Surely you can find something among those values to get excited about. And, a helping hand is always welcome (and needed!) as there is so much to do. In the month of June, here are a few ways you can learn in a hands-on way what PEACE is about, and contribute to our community:

Volunteer Opportunities Every Week include the following:

  • Cook lunch for the kids in our alternative school
  • Participate in a trash pick-up
    • mouth of Rio Cuale, Puerto Vallarta – Saturday June 4, 9am
    • beach behind Mega PVR, Saturday June 12, 9am
    • mouth of Rio Cuale, Puerto Vallarta – Saturday June 18, 9am
    • beach behind Mega PVR, Saturday June 26, 9am
  • Volunteer in an animal clinic
    • Las Canadas – June 1-4
    • Progreso – June 8-11
    • Progresso – June 15-18
    • Coapinole – June 22-25
    • Coapinole – June 29-July 2

More events will be added throughout the month, please see our Facebook page for event updates!

Fun pictures of recent activities on the PEACE Flickr page!
Special Project – New Roof for Casa Campesina

Our beloved Casa Campesina (farmhouse) is in need of a new roof costing upwards of $13,000 USD, and PEACE needs your help to make it happen! Please support its construction by donating here. A new roof before the rainy summer season will provide a dry space for our alternative school, after school program, and PEACE Boutique products as well as usable working space for staff and community members.

Casa Campesina has been PEACE’s home base for the past three years and was given to us by the local ejido (a native land-owners association.) PEACE has full use of the house in exchange for repairs and restorations. Community members will help build the new roof in order to cut costs and further their sense of ownership and pride. Can you lend a hand for PEACE, please?!

For more information on volunteering with PEACE, contact: Nicole Majewski – – 322.182.3185


MISSION: PEACE works hand in hand with communities in Mexico to provide holistic education combined with community action programs that enable people to improve their quality of life as well as their financial stability.

VISION: We envision a peaceful co-existence between human beings and natural treasures, between foreigners and locals, between those who can give and those who need assistance, between progress and preservation.

  • We believe in providing hands-on learning that results in empowerment, increased ownership and social responsibility.
  • We believe that one of our greatest responsibilities as beings on this earth is to protect the natural resources that surround us.
  • We believe it is of utmost importance to preserve and celebrate the richness and beauty of Mexican culture.

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