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Punta Mita Hospital Opens its Doors!


With the objective of providing world-class healthcare to the community of Punta Mita — both within the gates of Punta Mita and beyond — the Punta Mita Hospital officially opened its doors last Friday, June 2nd, at a special inaugural ceremony.

As the story of the hospital’s vision and origin was told by guest speakers, it became clear that The Punta Mita Hospital emerged from the vision of Dr. Sam Najmabadi (aka, Dr. Sam), a Punta Mita part-time resident and Los Angeles-based Infertility Specialist and Reproductive Endocrinologist. Dr. Sam noted the limited health care services in the immediate region, and while he praised the hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, he also knew that a high-quality, urgent-care facility in Punta Mita would serve an important need.

Dr. Sam shared his journey of ‘the dream to the reality’ — despite skepticism — and generously expressed his gratitude to those who helped contribute to the realization of his vision. Going forward, Dr. Sam expressed that his ongoing vision is for the Punta Mita Hospital to offer diagnostics and services that rival the most acclaimed medical facilities in the U.S., such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CSMC), Los Angeles — one of the hospitals with which he is affiliated.

Dr. Sam, together with Dr. Ohadi and Dr. Ahdoot — all renowned doctors from Los Angeles, California — created this facility to with the goal of providing expert and compassionate health care services for the people who live in and visit Punta Mita and the surrounding areas. The Punta Mita Hospital is the first private hospital to be licensed in the state of Nayarit and is equipped with the most advanced medical and diagnostic equipment. Without a doubt, the Punta Mita Hospital dramatically increases the quality of health care offered in our community.

Following the official opening ceremony, guests were invited to tour the Hospital, and LivePuntaMita happily joined in. The stunning 13,000 SF facility is comprised of consultation areas, emergency services, diagnostic labs, operating rooms, and overnight hospital rooms (which rival our resorts’ hotel rooms!) As we walked through, we couldn’t help but think how much sounder we will all sleep at night knowing that expert emergency and medical care is now so close by.

Congratulations Dr. Sam Najmabadi and team! The community of Punta Mita thanks you for bringing your vision of the Punta Mita Hospital to life, and for providing this incredible asset to our region.

For more information, please visit or phone 329 688 0068. For appointments, available between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., please call 329 688 0059. For more information and the services offered, please refer to our prior story, announcing the Punta Mita Hospital.

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