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Punta Mita Hospital — What a first year!!


It’s amazing that it has only been one year since the Punta Mita Hospital officially opened its doors, as we now cannot imagine life without this top-quality medical care facility as a part of our community.

Let’s take a look at the incredible strides made by our Punta Mita Hospital in just a short while, and a look at where it plans to go from here:


• The Hospital opened in June 2017 offering Emergency Room and ambulance services on a 24/7 basis, with quality standards equal to those in the USA or Canada.

• Full lab and X-ray services began in July.

• Outpatient/Clinic services started in August.

• Inpatient/Hospital admission services opened in September.

• House calls for the community, both inside and outside the gates, were

available by October.

• Dual operating rooms were fully functional by November and have been used for general surgery, orthopedics, plastics, etc.

Through the end of March 2018, the Punta Mita Hospital has served our community well:

• 637 General Consultations

• 223 Emergencies

• 19 House Calls

• 35 Overnight Hospital Patients

• 3 Pediatric Hospital Patients

• 23 Surgeries

• CPR Training for the staff of 13 homes

Dr. Sam Najmabadi and his team have earned a solid reputation for high-quality care and service for all, helping to inspire great support during early fund-raising efforts. However, more help is still needed to ensure that Punta Mita Hospital has unequaled, best-in-class life-saving equipment and the finest emergency response team on the Pacific Coast. Below is Dr. Sam’s update as to where we stand and what is still needed to provide the highest quality of emergency support for our community.


1. Ambulance and Paramedic Services:

— 24/7 emergency services provided by qualified on-staff physicians and on-staff advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certified paramedics. (GOAL ACHIEVED)

2. Stroke Evaluation and Timely Treatment:

— Purchase a 64 slice CT Scanner to diagnose Hemorrhagic vs. Ischemic Strokes. Funds have been secured for this and a Siemens scanner will be ordered in Sept 2018. (GOAL ACHIEVED)

— Have qualified and trained staff available to administer appropriate life-saving treatment including a timely administration of tPA to allow perfusion of the affected area of the brain. (GOAL ACHIEVED)

— Neurologist on-call. (GOAL ACHIEVED)

3. Implement Myocardial Infarction evaluation and timely treatment:

— Purchase a C Arm and cardiac catheterization unit to be able to intervene in case of an Ml requiring cardiac stent placement and cardiac catheterization.

— ER specialist, all doctors, nursing staff and paramedics trained in ACLS. (GOAL ACHIEVED)

— 24/7 LAB services available to diagnose Ml on site. (GOAL ACHIEVED)

— Cardiologists and interventional cardiologists on staff and ready to intervene once equipment in place.


To properly equip Punta Mita Hospital for stroke/ cardiac evaluation and intervention, $2.000,000 in additional funds are needed for the following:

1. Purchase the 64 slice CT Scanner and train medical staff.

2. Purchase the c Arm and hemodynamic system for cardiac angiogram, catheterization/stent placement.

3. Provide funds for (5-year) service contract for the CT and C Arm.

4. Provide funds for annual maintenance/repair needs.


Expansion of the hospital and staff:

1. Additional hospital beds

2. Rehab center and physical therapy

3. Full-time medical personnel to staff various specialties

4. Explore becoming the main trauma center in the Banderas Bay region

5. Create a separate fund to assist community members and household staff that cannot afford services.

A fundraising campaign is currently underway to support the purchase of equipment detailed above, with over $1,000,000 already committed. Please consider being a part of this important funding campaign. All donations qualify as tax-deductible for the source country whether Canada, USA or Mexico. You may download this deposit information sheet detailing how to make your contribution, as well as a list of Donor Recognition categories, which will be displayed in the reception area of Punta Mita Hospital and/or in the room where the equipment is installed.

We do understand there are many worthy causes competing for your support. and the Punta Mita Hospital Fundraising Committee sincerely appreciates your consideration to help fund this vital program for our community. Let’s all join in to ensure that medical care in Punta Mita is of the highest possible standard.

For more about the Punta Mita Hospital, visit:

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