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Punta Sayulita Groundbreaking Ceremony Huichols Included


Complete with an intriguing native Huichol Indian ritual blessing ceremony on a hilltop overlooking the sea construction launched last week at the Punta Sayulita residential resort.

“Punta Sayulita offers an extraordinary opportunity to live in an innovative community that truly marks the first residential resort project in the area that brings the broad appeal of environmental sensitivity and creative design into the luxury market to combine sophistication with healthy living,” remarked Kevin Roberts of Contact Development Company.  “Eco-sustainable design practices will be employed throughout the project as evidenced by the community’s road and path system that has been designed to follow and adapt to the property’s natural topography in order to minimize disturbance to the amazingly beautiful trees and tropical vegetation that naturally landscape the property” according to Brett Ellsworth.

In this vein, having the Huichols present for the Punta Sayulita groundbreaking ceremony was quite appropriate in that the Huichols celebrate being made of the same elements as the world: air, water, fire and earth. Huichol shamans state, ‘the earth is our flesh. The rocks are our bones. The rivers are the blood of our veins.”

In Huichol ceremonies the drum or tepu, which refers to the sound it makes are an integral part of the rituals accompanying ancient chants sung by the shamans. The Huichol drums stand on three legs, representing the healing of the individual, the community and all of life. Traditionally, a shaman dreams where the tree is to be found for a drum.  Once indicated by the shaman, it is felled and fashioned with deerskin stretched over the top of the drum by wooden dowels. The drums are then heated with a small fire placed beneath them that causes the skin to stretch and improves the drum’s sound. The Shamans always bless the drums. Off to a great start Punta Sayulita and your friends in Punta de Mita wish you the best!

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