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Ten Questions with Punta Mita Expedition’s Alex Mendiola


Punta Mita Expeditions is a boutique adventure company, specializing in the art of luxury ocean adventures. As the official operator of Punta Mita Resort’s Outdoor Activity Center, they intimately know Punta Mita, and all of the wonders of its natural surroundings. This enables them to offer activities for every experience level, personalized to individual preferences — emphasizing environmental awareness in all that they do. We recently checked in with Alex Mendiola, to learn what’s new at Punta Mita Expeditions….

1.      What is new at Punta Mita Expeditions? –starting with your new position there!

I’m very excited to join Punta Mita Expeditions as the General Manager, which enables me to combine the expertise I have in the hospitality Industry with the exceptional offerings of the Punta Mita Expeditions product. I think this is key for what we are offering, as the company is experiencing strong growth, and we want to ensure the highest level of service as we continue to grow. Along with this change, our newest offering is our brand new 45-foot custom design power catamaran, the Pacifico, ideal for cruising the Punta Mita coastline and its surrounding shores. It has a unique floating lounge concept and all the amenities needed to enjoy a full, half-day or sunset cruise.

2.      What changes can we expect to see at Punta Mita Expeditions?

Among the changes we are in the process of implementing are the following:

  • Full-on dedicated Customer Service
  • New Experiential Expeditions catered to the near beaches and other unique expeditions in the region, tailored to personal interests
  • Most importantly, a full on follow-through with our philosophy of Conservation. We have several programs in place including the Coral Restoration program which is in operation along the Punta Mita shoreline —  we consider this to be one of our most important projects.

3.      What is Punta Mita Expedition’s most popular excursion or activity?

Our most popular excursion is our Marine Safari, which is a fun and educational three-hour expedition visiting the Marietas Islands National Park. It offers a combination of snorkeling and stand-up paddle. Another popular variation is this same experience on Kupuri Bay, which has great marine life and stunning sceneries of the jungle peninsula.

4.      What is Punta Mita Expedition’s most undiscovered excursion or activity – but one which should be more popular!

Our most undiscovered excursion is the Wild Dolphin Adventure, which is an all year round expedition that takes you out in search of Wild Dolphins. Our expert guides study their behavior in the moment, and judge if the experience can also be combined with swimming with the dolphins in their natural habitat. We are against keeping animals in captivity therefore this is one of the experiences we love promoting – plus it is an experience that is available all year.

5.      Describe yourself in 140 characters or less – Twitter-bio style

Passionate hospitality lover, enjoys pleasing others. Big dreamer, enthusiastic, full-service & very positive! Loves nature & enjoys his family, including Matilda—a very special 10-month Labradoodle.

6.      What do you view as your strongest connection to Punta de Mita?

This is home for me, spending most of my time in the area. I had the great opportunity to be part of the Four Seasons family 10 years ago, where I discovered that I have a genuine passion for the hospitality industry in every sense.

7.      What is your favorite way to play in Punta Mita?

Surfing, diving and enjoying the stunning sunsets that the destination has to offer.

8.      Where is your favorite Punta de Mita place to dine & drink?

My favorite Punta Mita place to dine and drink is Sufi.

9. Finish this sentence:  Punta Mita, is, to me….. 

…what is was for the Aztecs — a gateway to paradise.

10. What’s your perfect family/OR/romantic Punta Mita moment?   

Seeing my son catch his first waves together with my wife and dog on the Punta Mita shores. Another perfect family moment is to go out and cruise the area looking for whales and witnessing mother whales taking care of her little ones, teaching them how to swim. Lastly, swimming out in the ocean with my little one and having giant – manta rays around us can truly be a truly unique experience in Punta Mita.

Punta Mita Expeditions, and the Punta Mita Outdoor Activities Center, is located adjacent to the Real Estate Discovery Center, across from the entrance to the Four Seasons Resort. They are open Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm; Saturday 9am-2pm. Tel. 329.291.6649. For more information, visit:

Alex Mendiola

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