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The Angels of Punta Mita


Last Tuesday at the Four Seasons Resort in their Aramara Restaurant, the angels arrived to work with the Punta de Mita Foundation in support of the nutrition education program that has been developed. The founding angels, Jane Grad, Barbara McGregor, Sharon Seibens, Catherine Schmidt, Claire Newton and Sandy Howe hosted a luncheon for fourty women from Punta Mita and the surrounding area to have our new director  Miguel de la Vega of the Punta Mita Foundation give a presentation on this program along with Cecilia Paredes the project coordinator and intellectual creator. Both Miguel and Ceci spoke from the heart about a situation that women in our area face everyday, that of nutrition. The program is designed with educational workshops twice a week for mothers and  a school breakfast for children in Punta de Mita guided by professional nutritionists from the University of Guadalajara.

We salute these amazing women for putting this program together and uniting our community. It was a fantastic luncheon served by the Four Seasons with all proceeds from our donations going directly to the Foundation. Thank you angels for hosting this! And to the Four Seasons Boutiques who graciously gave each woman a special discount card for the afternoon. Gotta love it philantropy, lunch and shopping, a perfect afternoon, we think Miguel is liking his new job too. Here is a link to the Punta de Mita Foundations website:


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