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Top Five Most Romantic Evenings in Punta Mita


If you’re in Punta Mita, chances are you’ve already got the romance angle covered, and are lined up to secure an evening of eye-gazing and rapid heart beats. But, what’s the plan? Team LivePuntaMita has assembled this handy guide for you, of the Top Five Most Romantic Evenings in Punta Mita.

1. Four Seasons Yacht, Sunset Cruise. Yacht. Four Seasons service. Champagne. Pink and orange sunset. And, plushy cushions all over the deck. A sure score. Visit Four Seasons website.

2. The Rock, at the Four Seasons. Likely the place where the greatest number of proposals have occurred in Punta Mita. Four Seasons serves up a romantic dinner on the rocky jetty that separates its two coves, under its starry skies, placing you in a personal paradise. Same ingredients as above, except the cushions, and you don’t need sea legs.

3. The Rock, at Margarita’s. The above concept deserves repeating, and Margarita’s restaurant in Punta de Mita village has done a stellar job. More than one couple can be accommodated on their rocky jetty. The setting is comfortably  casual and, dare we say? …easier on the wallet. You still dine under the stars, surrounded by the sea, and with pampering service. And, owner Hector always makes you feel like a million bucks.

4. Kupuri Beach. Don’t say where you got this idea–but we think a picnic basket, a bottle of wine and a blanket, inside the Kupuri beach palapa, makes for a fine place to conduct a little romance. Crashing waves, hypnotic stars, and only the occasional glow of the security guard’s flashlight. Take note–this option is open only to Punta Mita Resort residents and guests.

5. Casa Teresa Trattoria, Punta de Mita. Evenings lately have been a little chilly in Punta Mita, and our favorite spot for a cozy, intimate evening of dining is at Casa Teresa’s Trattoria. The fantasy-setting of a Tuscan villa — in the midst of Punta de Mita village — always suspends reality for us. Add to it the warm glow of the wood-burning oven and the aromas of baked bread and garlic-infused Italian specialties, and it’s a recipe for romance. And, we have it on good authority that Cupid herself resides here…!

One final tip–be sure to visit Rosario at Mar de Sueños, in Plaza Ollin, for a little La Perla lingerie to really put the fireworks in your night!

Be sure to share your tips on romantic places in Punta Mita with us, if we’ve missed anything…

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